Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bread stands for survival and one time the mentors gave katniss some bread

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dear diary Part 2

Dear diary ,
I am pretty terrified that Margo and I are going to get caught . So far we have accomplished most but i feel like we are get in big trouble because it is 4 a.m right now and we're doing stuff that could get us in trouble. Im going to admit it tho,I'm having fun because I have finally been able to talk and hang out with my crush ,Margo Roth.

Fashion reflection 2-17-16

sometimes outfits say much about a person, like it could depend on how they are doing like for example if a person is wearing baggy cloths maybe their just not having such a great day. Also what they wear could just say on the mod that their on. Some cloths could say a lot about a person,probably based on what they work on or lie, uniform ,that could mean that you go this certain school and just based on what you wear. But honestly fro my opinion I don't think what you wear is based on who you are.